Born Like Others

Supporting Born Like Others Orphanage in Masaka, Uganda with every purchase.

About Born Like Others

creating hope.

Founded in 2011 by then 19 year old Ugandan Robert Twinomujuni, Born like Others is a program that cares for the most vulnerable children and youth of Uganda.

Born Like Others currently provides for the needs of over 40 children at their full time residential home. This program also provides assistance with school fees, school supplies and clothing for an increasing number of needy children within the community.

Why we give

A desperate situation

The challenge of orphans in this part of the world goes back a while now because of the many challenges that Uganda has gone through, especially war and disease. Many people died in past wars that brought conflicting governments into power, and Masaka was deeply affected by a vast range of problems.

Still, the biggest contribution to the situation of orphans and vulnerable children was brought by the scourge of HIV/AIDS. This pandemic wiped out many families and left many children displaced. This was the beginning of a community that couldn’t take care of their own.

The orphan problem escalated, leaving over 3 million orphans in the country. The worst hit area being Masaka and the surrounding communities.

How we give

Healing generations. 

With no support from the government, it is a struggle for BLO to feed over 45 children at their home each day. Alongside the orphans, they also provide meals for families within the community, which pushes their already stretched resources.

With your help, in partnership with Freedom Creators Co, we are able to fund their Agricultural Program, Educational Program and Home Re-Build.

Agricultural Program: In Uganda agriculture is the highest form of sustainability. Having their own land will allow BLO to fully set up a program teaching farming skills to the children, as well as raising funds for the orphanage through the products sold.

Educational Program: Because ’Knowledge is Power’ we believe it’s every child’s right to have an education. Education transforms and empowers, and we believe it is key to breaking the community’s current cycle of poverty. We support every child in Born Like Others in gaining a primary and secondary education. Our desire is to make poverty and illiteracy in our community a thing of the past.

Home Rebuild: BLO outgrew their original living space, and successfully purchased their own plot of land. The construction of the new home is still currently underway. We anticipate the completed home will provide enough capacity to accommodate over 60 children and multiple staff with room to expand in the future.

How you can help

Purchase one of our products today or donate directly to BLO below.

Total Raised: $8,104.36 USD